• IZI is a new type of refuse sack developed based on extensive consumer research. The IZI range of 100% recycled refuse sacks offers the toughest and greenest refuse sacks on the market.
  • IZI environmentally friendly refuse sacks are stronger and more user
    friendly than ordinary refuse sacks.
  • IZI is made from used plastics collected by Grønt Punkt Norge (”Green Dot Norway plc”), and recycled by Norfolier in Norway.

Market research of consumer needs, what does a consumer want from the refuse sack: • 87 % – Resistant to tear and puncture

  • 68 % – Large opening that is easy to fill
  • 65 % – Easy to close and tie
  • 57 % – Can carry up to 20 kg
  • 51 % – Is produced by recycled plastics

Based on these consumer insights we developed IZI X-XTRA STRONG Refuse sacks. IZI X-XTRA STRONG Refuse sacks have the following features:

  • Extra strong- and tear resistant. Super strength film enables superior
  • Large and wide opening – easy to fill
  • Four large tie tags at the top of the bag: easy to close – easy to tie – easy to carry
  • Environmentally friendly – produced from plastics collected and recycled in Norway