Norfolier GreenTec develops and supplies refuse sacks and recyclate. We have a wide range of standard products and tailor-made solutions, and we work closely with our customers to meet each individual’s special needs.

With over 50 years of experience, we have established a good market position and steady growth in Northern Europe. Our customers are well-known domestic and international companies that expect first-rate service. Norfolier’s GreenTec service concept emphasizes personal connections and tailor-made logistics for optimal delivery.

Norfolier GreenTec is the leading recycler of plastic film waste in the Nordic region. Our factory is located in Folldal in Hedmark. We are thus centrally located to receive plastic from all over the country from Nordkapp to Lindesnes. We work closely with the authorities, Green Point Norway and our customers to carry out an environmentally friendly material recycling of our products.

Norfolier GreenTec is one of Northern Europe’s largest and leading manufacturers of refuse sacks. Our factory is located in Notodden in Telemark. Here we produce a wide range of refuse sacks from 100% recycled plastic packaging from our factory in Folldal. The plastic packaging is collected from industry and agriculture through a nationwide system. Our bags are used for safe and hygienic transport of all types of waste.