GreenStar™ regranulate 6035 is produced using a special blend of LDPE and LLDPE post-consumer recycled plastic. It is well suited for blown film processing and recommended for applications like carrier bags and other flexible packaging applications with film thickness 25-100 microns. The color of the film is off-white. The addition of color additives provide a brightly colored film in applications where a colored film is desired. Film can be extruded using 100% GreenStar™ or by blending GreenStar™ with virgin PE resins or other types of recyclates. GreenStar™’s unique blend of 100% post consumer waste streams ensures a film of consistent quality and strength, with a high tear and puncture resistance and stable melt index.

Norfolier GreenTec was first in Scandinavia with EuCertPlast certification of our recyclate. The certifications goal is to improve traceability on collected film and increase quality on recycling for post-consumer film.

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