Norfolk GreenTec works systematically to reduce its own environmental impact, affect employees and our suppliers in a similar direction, as well as facilitate environmentally conscious customers.

Norfolk GreenTec has well-established routines in its own production to prevent environmental pollution and reduce environmental impact. Environment is a central part of our corporate social responsibility.

Norfolk GreenTec aims to work actively with our customers to contribute solutions and products that reduce their environmental impact. This implies that environmental impacts are emphasized throughout the life of the product. Together with our customers, we will develop products and solutions that use the least possible resources, contribute to less pollution, less waste and increased recycling.

Norfolk GreenTec products are 100% recyclable and we are actively working to develop new products based on recycled plastic (Post Consumer Recycled – PCR).

Norfolk GreenTec is one of Scandinavia’s largest plastic film recyclers and we use this position to be a driving force to ensure increased recycling of plastic film. Plastic recycling is important in reducing greenhouse gases. Collected and recycled plastic gives 4.9 kg / ton or 90% less CO2 emissions than new plastic.

Norfolk GreenTec was the first in the Nordic countries to mark its refuse sacks with the Der Blaue Engel / The Blue Angel ecolabel.

Norfolier GreenTec‘s recycling plant in Folldal is the first in the Nordic region to become EuCertPlast certified.