RECYCLATE Norfolier GreenTec AS produce several kinds of high quality PE regranulate that can be used to replace virgin PE granules in various applications. Our unique recipe combined with over 20 years’ experience on recycling PE film guarantees a stable and high quality product. GreenStar™ GreenStar™ regranulate 6035 is produced using a special blend of [...]


RECYCLING In order to save our nature and environment it is important to take care of the resources. Plastic materials make up an increasing part of our daily consumption. Our modern technology makes it possible to recycle these resources. For each kg. film that are recycled, we save 2kg of crude oil. Norfolk GreenTec is [...]

Refuse sacks

REFUSE SACKS Norfolier GreenTec is one of Northers-Europe’s largest and leading producers of refuse sacks. Our sacks are used for safe and hygienic transport of all sorts of waste. The sacks are produced by 100% post-consumer film from our recycling plant in Folldal. The film is gathered from industry and agriculture via a nationwide collection [...]


The Blue Angel German "Der Blaue Engel / The Blue Angel" is the world's oldest ecolabel scheme. Der Blaue Engel is the official ecolabel scheme in Germany, and they consider all relevant environmental problems throughout the product life cycle, as the Swan label does in Norway. By using products bearing this symbol, you can be [...]


Norfolk GreenTec works systematically to reduce its own environmental impact, affect employees and our suppliers in a similar direction, as well as facilitate environmentally conscious customers. Norfolk GreenTec has well-established routines in its own production to prevent environmental pollution and reduce environmental impact. Environment is a central part of our corporate social responsibility. Norfolk GreenTec [...]


ClearStar is produced from natural colored LDPE waste and is primarily intended for blown film processing. The product is well suited and recommended for carrier bags and sacks with film thickness > 25 microns. Norfolier GreenTec was first in Scandinavia with EuCertPlast certification of our recyclate. The certifications goal is to improve traceability on collected [...]


FlexStar is produced from colored LDPE waste. The product is well suited for extrusion and injection molding. For extrusion it is well suited for blown film extrusion of carrier bags and trash bags with film thickness > 25 microns. For injection molding it is recommended to mix in this product in applications like tire covers [...]


GreenStar™ regranulate 6035 is produced using a special blend of LDPE and LLDPE post-consumer recycled plastic. It is well suited for blown film processing and recommended for applications like carrier bags and other flexible packaging applications with film thickness 25-100 microns. The color of the film is off-white. The addition of color additives provide a [...]